Thursday, February 21, 2008

The soccer beach

When I was kid, my family and I used to go vocation on the beach. We used to broil some fish, play on beach and swim. One day I went with my family to the beach to have fun.we would play soccer on the beach or in the sea. in those days,we didn't have all the soccer stuff and safety equiment people use it today.these days, back then, we just had to play carefully and try not to fall.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Medain Saleh

Medain Saleh is the Nabatean sister city of Petra. It is located 800km North of Jeddah.Medain Saleh means "Saleh's City" in Arabic and is considered to be a cursed city. The city is filled with over 100 tombs carved out of the sandstone that remains there. They were built about 2000 years ago. There was no other word to describe it but stunning.Inside the tombs, slots can be found where the bodies lay. An odd smell also still lingers in the air which can only be described as the smell of death. Many sign posts are around which explain a bit about the tombs or display the original Many sign posts are around which explain a bit about the tombs or display the original.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The best three
weeks in Egypt
In 1999,I went to Egypt with my family. It was the best travel experience I have ever had.Because when I was young I had dream to see the
Nile River and the pyramids. When i saw it I was really crazy i didn't believe that,I rode
horse to walk around the pyramids there were many people
form all of the world,Then I went to the Egyptian museum
it was absolutely perfect. I saw Al pharaohs in the museum.
They look like something interested.Then we took a boat on the Nile River to have fun and eat some
Egyptian food ( fater , fish and asaleyah ) . After two weeks we went to Sherm Al shekh we stayed there for one week. I have been every where in Egypt. I have seen the pyramids many times it has been amazing because it's one the
most strange in the world.