Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The best three
weeks in Egypt
In 1999,I went to Egypt with my family. It was the best travel experience I have ever had.Because when I was young I had dream to see the
Nile River and the pyramids. When i saw it I was really crazy i didn't believe that,I rode
horse to walk around the pyramids there were many people
form all of the world,Then I went to the Egyptian museum
it was absolutely perfect. I saw Al pharaohs in the museum.
They look like something interested.Then we took a boat on the Nile River to have fun and eat some
Egyptian food ( fater , fish and asaleyah ) . After two weeks we went to Sherm Al shekh we stayed there for one week. I have been every where in Egypt. I have seen the pyramids many times it has been amazing because it's one the
most strange in the world.

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